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Workshop Learning Tier System

The DMV Photography Workshops will try to always keep the photographers learning experience in mind, and that includes their learning comfort levels. Our workshops are identified with a Tier Rating System to help participants understand the level and pace a workshop may take. But in no way does it limit the participants ability to take any workshop we offer, except the Master Class workshops. 


Tier I

This is our beginner level where participants may have recently purchase their digital DSLR camera and are still learning about how to calculate the proper exposure. They are also getting a better understanding on how the Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed effects exposures and creativity. At this level folks are still exploring the White Balance, the histogram, and discussing the Kelvin Scale and how it all ties into the different light sources and color casts. In many of these Tier classes we discuss lens selections, tripods and speed lights.

Tier II

This learning level has a good understanding of everything that is in a Tier I class, plus looking to get a better understanding of composition, subject selection, plus Black and White Photography. This is where participants are looking to improve their seeing with their minds eye and developing their portfolio. They are also working on a better understanding of a good digital work flow and the power of the digital darkroom.

Tier III

At this learning level participants have a full understanding of Tier's I & II and are focusing on different lighting setups and advance compositions to help shape their photographic style. They are also proficient in using Photoshop and Lightroom to complete their creative visions. This is also the stage where participants may have started hiring models to enhance their portfolio to attract paying customers.

Master Class

Advanced and professional photographers that are challenging themselves with more of the creative processes and selecting areas in their craft to strengthen their offering in their photography business. The range of workshops that will be developed range from product to landscape photography for published book projects and image sales. This is smaller group, 1 - 2 participants and the instructor.

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