Model Information

Want to work with us?

We conduct group and solo photography workshops about 4-6 times a month, so we are always looking for qualified models. So, here are some things you should know before agreeing to work as a model for our workshops.

If you are a new model, or a freelance model, or any model without a strong creative professional portfolio the instructor may request to work with you. This is to ensure our workshop participants always work with a strong model to help them succeed within the workshop. 


So models, lets start with the most important items first. 


  • Our pay rate for "Free-Lance Models" ranges:

    • $60/hr - Clothed modeling of any kind.​

    • $75/hr - Implied nude modeling (No top on, or no bottoms on but nothing is seen by camera.)

    • $100/hr - Topless modeling. (Breast exposed to the camera.) 

    • $125/hr - Nude modeling (Completely nude.)

  • Our pay rate for "Agency Models" (models hired through their agency) ranges:

    • $75/hr - Clothed modeling of any kind.​

    • $100/hr - Implied nude modeling (No top on, or no bottoms on but nothing is seen by camera.)

    • $125/hr - Topless modeling. (Breast exposed to the camera.)

    • $150/hr - Nude modeling (Completely nude.) 



  • Our complete workshop offers range:

    • Artistic​ (up to nude modeling)

    • Beauty

    • Digital Workflow

    • Erotica, An Artistic View (up to nude modeling)

    • Fashion 

    • Glamour (up to nude modeling)

    • Landscape

    • Photoshop

    • Printing

    • Product

    • Wedding

    • Plus more....

  • Modeling areas where nude modeling may be used in our workshops. You are never required to be nude, just understand where nudity may be used by other models:​​

    • Artistic Workshops

    • Erotica workshops

    • Glamour workshops



  • Models are on set the 2nd & 3rd hours of a workshop minimum, location workshops may be different.

    • 4-Hour workshops at the studio, the first hour is lecture and planning, the 2nd hour is studio light and prop setup. The 3rd and 4th hours models are on their identified set ready to work. Models are welcomed to come at anytime to get ready. Walking in the door at the time they are supposed to be on set will be frowned upon and discussed immediately. 


  • Models handle their own styling based on the workshop theme. So hair, makeup and wardrobe you provide. ​We do this to keep the cost down so folks can afford the workshop.

    • Please Note: We will let a model know "if" makeup and or hair styling will be provided for a beauty or fashion workshop.This model will show up at the beginning of the workshop to be styled.

      • We do not pay the models hourly fees during this 30-45 minutes of being styled.


  • Models can network after the workshop to possibly secure additional time with a photographer at your rates in the studio. The studio is provided to you at no additional studio charge after the workshops.

    • Our workshop models can also book the studio at members rates ($35/hr) if they want to work out of the studio during their career.​ (No fee if working with workshop participants.)



  • Models, working with us on any workshop is not a given it is solely driven by paid participation. So if we don't have enough people (photographers) signed up for the workshop, some models may be dropped from the lineup, or we may reschedule the workshop.

    • Participants have one week to sign up BEFORE THE WORKSHOP, thats when we decide if the workshop moves forward as created or if such adjustments are needed.

      • So models, it's in your best interest to help promote the workshops you are participating in as a model on your social media pages.

    • It takes two participants to secure one workshop model. FYI


  • Our "studio group workshops" have 4 participants maximum in them. Larger for location workshop at times.

  • Our solo workshops are one on one with the instructor. So one model, one participant, and an instructor.

  • You can find out about our workshops below. So if you are asked about working a specific workshop you can see the details of that workshop by clicking here.

    • You will also​ receive a Google Calendar invite to the event you agreed to work.


  • All models are required to sign our model release before payment. The release will give all participants you worked with rights to the images to use as they see fit for their professional projects or portfolio use online or in print. You will get a email copy of the model release after you sign it. Short version.​



Participants in our workshops are adults (female and male) usually in the age range of 30 - 65. Creative learning and respect is high on our "if you want to stay with us today" list of priorities. We teach communication as it is key, so they will ask you for different poses, facial expressions, all based on the lecture goals we have established the first hour of the workshop.

Models, if you agree to one of our nude workshops but don't feel like doing it the day of, the pay rate above is performance based. So you will be paid based on what you actual model during the majority of the workshop.

We are looking to work with a model, part time, full time, or an espiring models. So that means you have thought about it, checked with your agency, researched it and decided this is what you want to do with us. No flakes please!


Hopefully you have been trained in the business and in the craft. If not, please reach out to us so our team can help prepare you. We don't need to debate about any type of modeling, we all have day jobs, go to school, have kids, work for the government, have an agency and might be the President of the United States one day. We are looking to work with a committed model in our business. Period.

So there you are, a little more info to digest to see if working with us is for you. :) 


And Yes! this is a very relaxed, chilled environment to work in we are told numerous times by the models and participants. So come have some fun, create, and network.


Thank you!  

Jeff Martin