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Professional Photographers

Work with us!

The goal is simply, provide a quality learning experience at the highest professional level possible, always.

What "professional" runs the workshops is of very little interest to us, so we have always offered an opportunity to expand your networking circles while working with The DMV Photography Workshops networking community. As many of the photography masters have said, you can never learn it all.

So, we are looking for professional photographers who are interested in spear heading their workshop ideas into learning offers here in the Baltimore, and DMV areas. All expenses and payments go directly to the instructor. So the instructor should have a way to collect the fees (we use EventBrite) for the workshops they are leading.

Contact Jeff to get further details, look at our calendar to see if we have openings for your availability to lead a workshop. Create the plan from what, where, how long, with whom, total cost and what to bring. Share that with us so we can help you promote it under The DMV Photography Workshops. Use our photography community as well as yours.


Please note: Our workshops are hands-on for the participant using their cameras.  We do not offer 100% lecture workshops. Studio workshops are limited to 6 participants here at Skyloft F Rental Studio. On-location workshops, number of participants are up to the instructor.

Our business goal is to be a growing force with educating anyone interested in learning more about photography in our operating area.  So, we only work with cutting edge leading professional photographers and professional photography organizations.


Is that you? Join us!

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Clifftop Capture
Nature Photographer
Essential Gear
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Wedding Photographer
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