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New Workshop Model Orientation

The Details

Models, thank you for the response to our model call. 


This is for freelance models in the Baltimore area, and for those models who have not been to our studio, or have not worked with me. 


Orientation is very important for everyone’s comfort. As an Ex-Ford model back in the day I hated going to gigs in places i didn't know in Europe and even here in the US. I get in, sometimes not speaking the language then supposed to act comfortable? I was 19, da hell. Lol 


Some history: This workshop business has been in operation since 2006, I cranked it up after I stopped teaching photography at the Washington School of Photography in Bethesda, MD. 


That's a short intro to who I am, and the level of professional I bring to anyone I work with. 


Now I would like to meet you, to see the level of professionalism you bring? Why? So we all can keep doing what we love together. 


Once you work with me, you are always welcomed back to a workshop. We just can't use the same models so we mix it up, and add new faces but you will always see some familiar faces. 


Participates who purchase the workshop ticket pays for our time. So we want to make sure they are in good hands. And one way I've done that with success is to meet the models first, before putting them in front of my clients who come to learn at a higher level. You probably know and have work with some of the photographers that have taken my classes at one point of another in the DMV area. 


So lets get at it.


I have these dates for orientation and test shooting. If anything works for your schedule, respond using the form below with your name, email address with the date and time you would like to come in? You can also email us directly here.


This is an invite only offer to you, so do not share with your friends. Just have them contact me directly if you think they should be involved in this modeling offer. This should take 60 minutes or less per person or per group. 


Come prepared to work in the areas “you” say you want to work in as if its a workshop with participants. Remember to read the Model Info web page!!!!

Please keep in mind, I do understand you would be auditioning for "free" as a model thats why I dont waste your time once here. Because I will be also shooting for free.


So if you have reservation for giving it away for free for a chance to be hired then I truly understand and lets end it here. With love always. Otherwise, be prepared to work in the areas you said you wanted to be considered workshop offers for with us. LETS WORK! 


Again, thanks for your time and know I will not waste yours.

Ps. All images taken are given to you free of charge. They are placed in an online gallery where you can down load what you like anytime.


Thank you, peace and blessings.




Dates and times available today:


Friday, March 18th 



Saturday, March 19th 6pm-9pm


Sunday, March 20th



Tuesday, March 22nd



Wednesday, March 23rd



Saturday, March 26th

Between 7pm-10pm

Tuesday, March 29th

Between 7pm-10pm

Saturday, April 2nd

Between 7pm - 10pm

Saturday, April 9th

Between 4pm - 7pm


Monday, April 11th

Between 6pm - 9pm 



Saturday, April 16th

Between 12pm - 2pm 


Tuesday, April 19th

Between 6:30pm - 9:30pm 

Presently there are no more dates available this quarter. Contact us directly for updates.

Orientation Location:



1N.Haven St. Suite 106

Baltimore, MD 21224 

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