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Model Orientation Process

Jeff, I've been modeling for over 5-years why do I need this?

As you know you don't need 30+ years of experience on both sides of the camera like me to know you can model for folks and take 200 images during each shoot you had and get one great image out of each shoot. Then post them in your portfolio, and now you are a model. Yes, I know you have 50k followers on your social media page. All beautiful and sexy folks who love to shine strive for followers, but I'm talking about a business we (the models and myself) built and that pays us so......anyway it's too important. 

The business I moved to Baltimore and started in 2004 is based on client trust and their quality results they received from the workshops. This orientation is how I ensure the models I hire for a workshop are comfortable foremost creating, because he or she has been trained in the way I run my photography workshop business. This is a proven method to maintaining the quality goals for my clients. This helps them stay returning customers for us. (Huge key!)

But with that said there are exceptions like with agency represented models I hired from the agencies web page, they are exempt from physical orientation. And models I've met and or worked with in the past, or we know their work ethics and professionalism to produce high standard work.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to grow and learn more.


Let's be great together!


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