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Our Faq page

  • Who are the instructors?
    The lead photographer that organizes and leads many of the workshops is Jeff Martin. He invites other instructors who are qualified and can offer a unique experience on many occasions. The other photographers that have taught workshops with us are Herb Mann, and Mike Stog.
  • How often do you offer workshops?
    We would like to offer workshops on an average of twice a month.
  • How are the workshops structured?
    A three hour workshop typically has the same flow. The first hour is for meet and greet, lecture or shoot planning based on the workshop theme, and setup. Instructors are there to help you were ever you have explained to us where it's needed during the meet and greet. Then we monitor folks progress and make suggestions as the workshop continues. If you are there just to shoot the lineup of modeling talent to build up your portfolio, go for it! It's encouraged.
  • When are workshops held?
    We have found workshops are best offered on the weekends, Saturday or Sundays. But never during a Ravens Football game.
  • I would like to visit first, is that possibile?"
    Yes, we have networking events on the 1st Friday's of the month at our studio which is starting up in January. But we do have a holiday party Dec.16th 2017 you're welcomed to as well.
  • What do I need to bring to the workshops?
    Well, some items that are good to have are: 1) a camera that has a hotshoe (or a sync cord port) so it can comminicate to the studio lights. 2) A lens with a range from 35mm - 120mm, or anything in between. 3) Any pocket wizard is always nice to have in our studio to communiate with our lights. 4) Light meter. 5) Grey card or color target. 6) Tripod, for low light or for slow shutter speeds. 7) And comfortable shoes I always say.
  • What is parking like, you are in the city correct?"
    Parking meters are in effect Monday thru Saturday from 8am - 6pm. But there is free parking across the street everyday ofthe week, if you can get one.
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