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The Annual Beach Glamour Workshop in OC

For the last seven years or more we have been escaping to the beach to do what we love, shoot! 



You've seen the Victoria Secret shots on YouTube, and you've seen bathing suit calendars. So now lets create your own calendar or update your portfolio! 

We will be shooting on the beach at two different areas at sunset times. We will also visit different areas for some editorial creation possibilities through out the weekend if you plan on staying?

Accommodation Vision

As you know, many beach have a three night minimum stay policy that can drive up your costs. 

We are looking at an Airbnb from Friday, June 10th thru June 13th that holds 13 people with four bedrooms presently.

And if we have 13 folks interested we could all stay for $116/ea for those two nights.

See the latest Airbnb details, click here.

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