Baltimore, MD based photographer Jeff Martin of Martin Studio Photography.

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OUR INTRO to fun Learning

How did this happen?


You know the type photographers you always said "Jeez I wish I could tag along with you guys to learn more." So we said why not teach them in a structured environment, and not assume they pick it up assisting us? That was 2005!

Topics covered include light theory, proper exposures, subjects, to composition all while shooting what we love to shoot.

All hands on training after learning some photography rules of course. You have to learn them, so we can break them to be unique artist we always say.

And if anything is worth it, then it's worth learning to do it the best you can.

Our workshops are created for anyone interested in learning more about digital photography from working professional photographers in the Baltimore, MD area and also around the DMV area.

Video captured

by photographer & fellow instructor 

Herb Mann of